• monday, 27 november 2017—13:00

    All you need to know about Open Science in general, and Data Management Plan in particular

    Vinciane Gaillard et Rachel Leproult, Rachel Leproult: ULB European Liaison Office / Cellule Europe

    ‘ORCID', 'CC-BY', ‘repositories', 'data management plan', 'open access', 'open data',… We hear these words all the time these days but what do they refer to exactly? This seminar will hopefully clarify what is behind each of these words. Firstly, we will introduce the context of Open Science then define open access and open data, especially in the context of European funds. Secondly, the new Belgian online tool for Data Management Plan will be presented, with a live demo on the dmponline.be (bring your laptops if you want to try it yourself!). ORCID and creative commons types of licences will also be mentioned. Finally, the use of data repositories will be presented, in particular OpenAIRE, di-fusion and OSF.

    internal seminar

    The talk will be given in English