• wednesday, 14 june 2017—12:15

    Current debates on the dynamics of word production: insight from ERP studies with healthy and aphasic speakers

    Marina Laganaro, Psychology and Education Sciences, FAPSE, University of Geneva, Swiss

    Single word production has been intensively investigated with chronometric and electrophysiological approaches, leading to estimates of the relative time course of the underlying encoding processes based on serial models of word production (Indefrey, 2011). These estimates are currently debated on the basis of recent event-related potential (ERP) studies suggesting parallel activation of semantic and phonological information (Miozzo et al., 2015; Strijkers & Costa, 2016). Here we will illustrate how ERP studies with healthy participants based on the manipulation of specific psycholinguistic factors (Fargier & Laganaro, 2015; Valente, Bürki & Laganaro, 2014; Perret & Laganaro, 2012) and diverging ERP correlates in aphasic speakers with specific underlying cognitive impairments (Laganaro et al., 2009; 2011; 2013) converge towards serial processes in the dynamics of word planning.

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