Pauline van der Straten

Ph.D. Student


After ten years practicing speech therapy with children having language impairment or hearing loss, I am now doing a PhD about hearing loss and minority bilingualism. 


Thanks to cochlear implant (CI) technology, children with severe-to-profound hearing loss have auditory access to oral language. The speech and language outcomes of these children can achieve levels equivalent to children with normal hearing (NH), but the interindividual variability remains important. In recent years, the proportion of children with CI in a bilingual situation has grown significantly (up to 40%), becoming the norm rather than the exception and bringing many challenges to professionals. Because of the links between speech perception and production, children with CI growing up with two oral languages are in a really specific situation regarding speech development. Clinical observations suggest that they are struggling to properly develop speech and language. This project aims to assess 1) the accuracy of speech production in children with CI whose Home language is not French compared 2) links between speech perception and production of bilingual children with CI and 3) difficulties in speech production of bilingual children with CI that impact their intelligibility for external listeners.



Research Topics