Pierre-André Patout

Ph.D. Studenttel. (+32)473/40.54.57


As PhD Student, I focus my study on the students / young adults who have difficulties in Written Language and, specially, in written production and composition.

The aim of this study is to highlight other difficulties that the common ones in this population (spelling, writing and reading slowness,…), and to show up in the written composition/production of this population some kinds of difficulties relating to the “text quality” as défined by textual coherence and cohesiveness. The next step will be to reveal whether that influences the academic life and the academic achievement, how that influences, and how to palliate / to compensate this brake to the achievement. 


> Thesis Supervisors : Content A.  & Mousty P.


> Comité d’accompagnement : Chetail F. (President) & Damar M-E

Short Curriculum
– Master’s degree in French and Romance Languages and Literatures. (2012/2013)
– Master’s degree in Linguistics / Science of Language. (2011/2012)

Topic of my Master’s thesis : “La “Faute” dans les copies du cours de français chez des élèves de quatrième, cinquième et sixième années du secondaire de l’enseignement général”

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