• wednesday, 11 march 2020—12:15

    Co-construction of knowledge: challenges and opportunities of participatory research.

    Ingrid VERDUYCKT, École d'orthophonie et d'audiologie, Faculté de médecine | Université de Montréal

    Researchers in the health sciences and related fields are currently experiencing a demand for knowledge production that responds directly to problems identified by clinical or community settings. Participatory research methods, based on the participation of stakeholders in the research process and on a horizontal power relationship between the researcher and the communities, are encouraged. Participatory methods are diverse and can be applied differently depending on the demand and the organization of the partner community. Ingrid Verduyckt will present four research projects that she is conducting in partnership with different communities:

    1) A Community of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology for the improvement of clinical practice in speech-language pathology.

    2) The co-construction of a theatrical intervention for children who stutter.

    3) The development of health literacy in people living with Parkinson's disease.

    4) The development of sound management tools in school settings.

    She will present preliminary results from these various projects and the clinical and scientific outcomes. She will discuss the barriers and facilitators encountered in collaborating with the various partners and will propose a reflection, in the form of a discussion with the audience, on the scientific issues raised by the participatory methods, particularly concerning the place and role of the university researcher.

    external seminar