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/ Laboratoire Cognition Langage et Développement

The research focus of the LCLD concerns the study of human cognition, language, and speech perception with a developmental and educational perspective, a field also known as developmental or educational neuroscience. Although a large part of the research is based on behavioral experimental techniques, with normally developing children, children with cognitive or sensory developmental impairments and adult participants, current projects also integrate computational modelling as well as neuroimaging techniques (ERP, fMRI, MEG). The lab has a long tradition of research on visual word recognition processes, and on reading and spelling acquisition in typical and atypical development, as well as (more recently) on numerical cognition. Major themes of active investigation at the moment concern aspects of language processing and reading; spoken and printed word recognition processes; written language acquisition disorders (dyslexia/dysgraphia); novel word reading; reading motivation and engagement; speech perception; speech-in-noise perception; language development in hearing-impaired persons.