• thursday, 21 april 2022—15:00

    Musical expertise and novel word learning

    Mireille Besson, Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives, Aix-Marseille Université

    I will synthesize results of a series of experiments in children, young and older adults aimed at testing for the influence of music training/musical expertise on novel word learning using both behavioural and ERPs methods (N200 and N400 components). We compared participants with and without music training/expertise, using a cross-sectional approach (testing for correlations) or a longitudinal approach with non-musicians trained on acoustic features (to test for causality). Overall results revealed that music training did facilitate novel word learning and was associated with larger N400/N200 components in musically trained compared to untrained participants. These findings are discussed in terms of transfer effects from music training to novel word learning, showing that the multi-facets aspects of musical expertise impact on the various cognitive processes that are involved in novel word learning.

    external seminar