Emilie Caspar

Post-Doc. Researchertel. 026503295


Research interests:

Voluntary actions, sense of agency, responsibility, empathy; compassion; forensic psychology and psychiatry, psychopathology and antisocial behaviours, (im)moral decision-making, free will, moral consciousness, conscious intention, synaesthesia, robotics and prosthesis, body-ownership.


Brie bio:

My main area of research is dedicated to what guides moral and immoral behaviours between humans, especially in coercive situations. I target neuro-psychological mechanisms such as empathy for pain, responsibility, guilt and sense of agency. I use mostly a social neuroscience approach, combining self-report measures, behavioural measures and brain imaging measures, including electroencephalography and functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (fMRI). Over the years, I specialized in field research in social neuroscience, targeting populations that are rarely approached in the scientific literature, such as the military, radicalized individuals, inmates or the first generation after the Rwandan genocide. I also work as a part-time scientific consultant for a humanitarian NGO active in the region of the Great Lakes in Africa that seeks to develop tools to prevent people from following hate speech and call to violence.  


Personal blog on field research: https://emiliecaspar.home.blog/


Techniques and methods:

Behavioral, EEG, ERPs, TFR, fMRI, robots (humanoid or hand), Brain-computer Interface

Research Topics

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