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Unravelling the neurodevelopmental bases of high level cognitive functions using neuroimaging techniques, such as fMRI, MEG, and EEG has driven my research interests over the past ten years. My research challenges are twofold : 1. developping age-appropriate neuroimaging tasks that are suitable for children and that assess complex cognitive abilities such as memory, socio-emotional regulation and executive funtions frequently found atypical in neurodevelopmental disorders. 2. identifying the neurophysiological markers that underlie behavioural performance in the typically and atypically developing brain.

During my PhD (2007-2012, ULB, Brussels) and my postdoctoral fellowship (2013-2016, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Toronto), I studied the relationship between slow brain oscillations, including slow sleep oscillations, theta-, alpha-phase synchronization and associated brain connectivity mechanisms in memory consolidation and executive functions. Recently, I integrated the laboratoire de Cartographie Fonctionnelle du Cerveau (Hopital Erasme, ULB, Brussels) where I am developping, in collaboration with Prof Serge Goldman and Xavier De Tiège, the implementation of neuroimaging techniques such as MEG-EEG-fMRI to the epilepsy surgery clinic flow.

Altogether, my research aims at shedding light on the cognitive difficulties experienced by paediatric populations and may, in turn, help the development of therapeutic avenues and appropriate clinical care.





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