Charline Urbain

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Unravelling the neurophysiological bases of high-level cognitive functions in children has driven my scientific interests over the past fifteen years. My research challenges are twofold : 1. developing age-appropriate electrophysiological or neuroimaging tasks that are suitable for children and that assess complex cognitive abilities frequently found atypical in neurodevelopmental disorders. 2. identifying the neurophysiological bases and mechanisms associated with these cognitive functions in typically and atypically developing children. 

My research group focuses on the relationship between (i) the brain oscillations occurring during wakefulness (theta-, alpha- synchronization processes) and sleep (slow wave sleep) and (ii) the brain activity and/or connectivity processes underlying learning, emotional regulation and executive functions processes in children. Altogether, we aim at shedding light on the cognitive difficulties frequently experienced across childhood and may, in turn, help the development of therapeutic avenues and appropriate clinical care in paediatrics.

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