Liliia Roshchupkina

Ph.D. Student


  Currently I work as a PhD student supported by Mini-ARC grant (ULB). My main passion in research is investigation of memory consolidation during sleep. During my Master studies I joined Jan Born’s Lab (Tubingen, Germany) working mainly for the project associated with memory reactivation in slow wave sleep. Later on, I acceded Tristan Bekinschtein’s lab (Cambridge, UK) to work in context of my Master thesis on a complex research project aimed at exploring the brain stimulation effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on memory and neural dynamics in wakefulness and sleep.

   In ULB I will continue my “sleep-memory” journey in frames of the project aiming to discover neurophysiological and structural

mechanisms underlying the creation and gradual consolidation of motor memories.

Research Topics