Sébastien Serlet

Scientific Collaborator


I prepare the creation of the company REHAL-IT in order to commercialize the software ROGER.


R.O.G.E.R (Realistic Observation in Game and Experiences in Rehabilitation) is a virtual reality software. It is developed by a video game company (Fishing Cactus), by neuropsychological researchers (University of Brussels, Cleeremans A. et Camara-Lopez M.) and clinicians (ERASME Hospital) that allows the creation of cognitive assessment scale and observation and the creation of game scenarios for cognitive rehabilitation purposes.

This tool can be found in laboratories or rehabilitation services and can be used by different therapists (neuropsychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy …). It also allows to add physiological measurements which can record and analyze data during sessions of reeducation (eye-tracker, electrodermal activity, cardiac …)

We now find a virtual home on a computer accessible to all, the graphic quality allowing a complete immersion. Virtual reality is accepted as a therapeutic tool and allows a better transfer of rehabilitation in everyday life.

The software integrates a scenario editor (simple creation without knowledge of codings beforehand). Subsequently, a platform of buying and selling scenarios will enrich the catalog of this serious game. The possibility of standardization of the data in real time for each scenario with an evaluation aim as well as scales of evaluations for the rehabilitation scenarios will also be found.

R.O.G.E.R promises a graphic quality, a grip accessible to all, a constant updating and in real time. It also makes it possible to work on all the cognitive functions and to bring new data for the clinic and the research.