Gaétane Deliens

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After a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a PhD thesis in Neuropsychology and a post-doc in Letter, Translation and Communication in the linguistics field, I got a permanent position of professor of cognitive neuropsychology at the Faculty of Psychology. I am also the Co-principal Investigator of the ACTE (Autism in Context: Theory and Experiment) group which is the first interdisciplinary research group in French-speaking Belgium dedicated to Autism.

The driving force of my research is to delineate the factors that shape communication difficulties and language delays in neurodevelopmental disorders, especially in Autism Spectrum Disorder. My aim is to better understand the processes involved in language disorders, from multimodal sensory integration to pragmatics, sleep- and wake-dependent memory consolidation and reconsolidation. Thanks to the development of original research methods, my work is not limited to the high-functioning part of the autism spectrum but also extends to more “hard-to-test” populations, who for this reason, generally remain under-investigated such as people with low-level autism as well as children with significant intellectual or motor disabilities.


For more information, visit my personal homepage

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