Joseph Johnson

Post-Doc. Researcher


My research background covers various topics related to how people hear voices, and the brain areas involved. This has included both responses to real voice stimuli, in terms of (self versus other) identity processing, vocal feedback, and under ambiguous conditions such as noise or spectral distortion, and in terms of hallucinated voices and the psychosis continuum. Methodologically, I am experienced in psychometric and fMRI experimental auditory paradigms and structural brain connection analysis (MRI: diffusion tensor imaging).


As a post-doctoral researcher in the BANG (Brussels Auditory Neuroscience Group) of the CRCN, I am currently working with Prof. Dr. Axelle Calcus on how brain development progresses throughout puberty, and how brain connectivity changes at the beginning and during this period relate to hormonal and neurochemical processes. Furthermore, we are interested in how cortical regions involved in cognitive control, associative, and sensory-perceptual processes are affected, and how functions such as perceiving speech in noise are linked to these changes in (pubertal-related) connectivity.

Research Topics