Krzysztof Dolega

Post-Doc. Researcher


Krzysztof Dołęga is a post-doc working on Axel Cleeremans’ ERC funded EXPERIENCE project. Before coming to Brussels, he was a member of the Situated Cognition Research Group at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where he carried out a Volkswagen Foundation research grant on the psychology and epistemology of conspiracy theories. Krzysztof’s doctoral research was also conducted at the Ruhr-Universität and was supervised by Tobias Schlicht and Daniel Dennett.


His current work focuses on investigating the nature and role of valance, value, and reward in conscious experience. Although he was trained as a philosopher, Krzysztof has a keen interest in empirical research as well as formal methods and data analysis. Outside of philosophy of mind and cognitive science, he is also keenly interested in topics prominent in philosophy of computation, philosophy and ethics of AI, and philosophy of science.