Catherine Hage

Faculty Membertel. +32 2 650 45 81
fax +32 2 650 22 09


I did a Ph.D in 1994 on the effects of cued-speech on morpho-syntax aspects in children with profound hearing loss. I am currently a speech therapist in the Centre Comprendre et Parler. I do speech therapy with infants and pre-school children (from 2 months to 3 years old). In addition, I do some parental guidances for parents with deaf children, and also with hearing children exposed to several languages. I am very interested in a new method called la langue en mouvements used with hearing children who do not perceive all the phonemes in French (for example, allophone children or multilingual children). Finally, I teach at the ULB about the development of language in young deaf children (courses at level of Master 1 Logopédie).

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