Daniela Rossi

Alumnustel. +32 2 650 60 33
fax +32 2 650 22 09


I am interested in the communication of affective meanings, broadly intended as the expression of affective states, using a particular linguistic structure, Creative Total Reduplication (CTR), the intentional and immediate repetition of a word, occurring quite spontaneously in everyday conversation. My main research hypothesis is that  CTR conveys an explicit meaning, according to which, for example, “A long long stroke” means “A very long stroke”, and an implicit affective meaning (that I call “affective inference”), according to which, for example, “A long long/very long stroke” may  describe a good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant situation, depending on the context.

I develop this topic from a linguistic point of view (pragmatics, semantics, morphology), and from an experimental point of view, relying on literature on pragmatic inferences.



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