Hichem Slama

Scientific Collaboratortel. +32 2 650 26 40
fax +32 2 650 22 09


As part of my PhD (directed by Prof. Philippe PEIGNEUX & Prof. José MORAIS), I study the impact of the goal activation on executive functions and cognitive control processes, in normal subjects and brain-damaged patients.

My other areas of research include clinical neuropsychology at the Erasme Hospital, and clinical research in collaboration with the Department of Neurology (e.g., epilepsy surgery, transplantation of embryonic cells in Huntington's disease, cognitive processes in neurodegenerative diseases) and the Department of Neuropediatrics (e.g., impact of long-acting methylphenidate on cognitive functions in ADHD).

I also collaborate with Prof. Philippe PEIGNEUX and Dr. Isabelle MASSAT to investigate the genetic, neurophysiological and cognitive factors in ADHD.

In collaboration with Prof. Philippe MOUSTY, Prof. Cécile COLIN, Prof. Philippe PEIGNEUX, Dr. Isabelle MASSAT and PhD students Simon BAIJOT and Alison MARY, we try to clarify the link between executive functions, cognitive control, attentional processes and ADHD (e.g., when listening to white noise or during theory of mind tasks).

In collaboration with Prof. Prof. Philippe PEIGNEUX, Dr. Gaétane DELIENS, Dr. Rémy SCHMITZ and Dr Rachel LEPROULT, we study the effect of sleep deprivation, bright light or napping on task switching.

In collaboration with Prof. Philippe PEIGNEUX and PhD student Guillermo BORRAGAN, we are interested in cognitive fatigue and its neurophysiological substract.

In collaboration with Prof. Wim GEVERS, Dr. Mariagrazia RANZINI and PhD student Sophie ANTOINE, we investigate numerical cognition, spatial attention and working memory in patients with hemispatial neglect.

Finally, in collaboration with PhD student Pedro Alexandro MAGALHAES DE SALDANHA DA GAMA, Prof Wim GEVERS and Prof. Axel CLEEREMANS, we investigate the modulation of interference effects (Stroop, flanker) by suggestion and hypnosis

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