Julie Delpouve

Alumnustel. +32 2 650 42 62


Sleep is known to benefit to memory consolidation in healthy adults. In children however, the mechanisms of this sleep-dependant memory consolidation remain poorly understood. Furthermore, it has been suggested that children with epilepsy might have a memory consolidation deficit. We aim at better understanding wake- and sleep- dependent memory consolidation processes in children by (a) studying their neurophysiological correlates during wakefulness and sleep; (b) evaluating long-term memory maintenance and forgetting at different ages during development; and (c) exploring the functional disturbances of these behavioural and neurophysiological processes in epilepsies of childhood.

Promotors: Ph. Peigneux (UR2NF); Patrick Van Bogaert (Brain Functional Mapping Laboratory, Erasme Hospital). Collaborator: Xavier de Tiège (Brain Functional Mapping Laboratory, Erasme Hospital).

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