Nathalie Thomas

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The quality of the child-directed speech during the parent-child interactions supports and stimulates the language development. Growing up, the child will attend kindergarten and experiment with new interactions, especially with his teacher. Like his parents, the quality of the school environment and the language used in this learning environment by the teacher will be a factor in development as well. More specifically, the input given during shared reading can stimulate vocabulary, phonological awareness and print knowledge. 

Our longitudinal study will assess what impact can have an intervention program targeted to activities described as promoting the further development of reading and written. This, by analyzing various factors related to the child (MLU, socioeconomic status, and bi / multilingualism, described as risk factors) and other factors related to the teacher (strategies put in place during shared reading). 

We will evaluate the program’s impact on child development (oral and first steps in the written language) and teacher (language strategies).

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