Research highlights

Excellence Research Convention granted by Fonds Erasme to UR2NF members

Hichem Slama and Philippe Peigneux from UR2NF (Neuropsychology and Functional NeuroImaging at CRCN) are members of the team granted this year a Convention de Recherche d’Excellence attributed by the Fonds Erasme.


This project entitled “Dysregulation of cerebral perfusion in sepsis-associated brain dysfunction: from bench to bedside” is headed by Jacques Creteur (Laboratoire expérimental des Soins Intensifs), in collaboration with Fabio Silvio Taccone, Nicolas Gaspard, Benjamin Legros, Hichem Slama, Philippe Peigneux, Su Fuhong, Nifoular Sadeghi, and Martina Pezzullo.


Involved research groups are  (a,b) Service des Soins Intensifs and Service de Neurologie  at Erasme hopsital – Laboratoire expérimental des Soins Intensifs, Faculté de médecine, (c) Unité de Recherches en Neuropsychologie et NeuroImagerie Fonctionnelle (UR2NF) at CRCN, Faculté des Sciences Psychologiques et de l’éducation, and (d) Service de Radiologie, Hôpital Erasme.