• wednesday, 10 may 2023—12:15

    Towards an understanding of the neural mechanisms of conscious experience [ONLINE]

    Simon van Gaal, Brain and Cognition department, University of Amsterdam

    What are the neural mechanisms of conscious experience and how can we best study it to make further progress on the matter? I will address these two questions in relation to recent results from an academic survey into theoretical and methodological foundations, common assumptions, and the current state of the field of consciousness research. The survey was distributed on two different occasions of the annual meeting of the Association of the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC, 2018 and 2019). While discussing these survey results, I will present recent behavioral and neuroimaging findings from our lab that either confirm or challenge some of the generally held opinions in the field of consciousness. I will also highlight theoretical and methodological issues that require our attention when designing future studies.

    The talk will take place online at the following Teams link: https://bit.ly/42qa7lb

    external seminar