Adélaïde de Heering

Post-Doc. Researchertel. 4049


Adélaïde de Heering is a postdoctoral research fellow working at UNESCOG/CRCN under the supervision of Pr. Régine Kolinsky. After her PhD in the Face Categorization Lab at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Pr. Bruno Rossion) where she studied the development of the face processing system mainly with children and adults, she moved for two years at McMaster University (Canada) to pursue her work on the plasticity of this system with Pr. Daphne Maurer. When she came back to the Face Categorization Lab under a FNRS fellowship, she created a Baby Lab which aim was to investigate, thank to the EEG technique, how infants process and recognize faces and how they differentiate them from objects. Currently she is developing new paradigms to better understand what is the cost and/or the benefit of having developed a natural expertise with faces. She will also investigate the competition observed in a brain deprived of visual inputs.

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