Pierre-André Patout

Alumnustel. (+32)473405457


During my PhD, I focused my study on text and text quality assessment to highlight what are coherence, cohesion and makes vary them. I principally studied text cohesion through three variables : spelling, pronouns and connectives. In several text production conditions, I examined the variations of linguistics units related to these very production conditions and related to the writing processes.

My thesis, titled “Texte et qualité textuelle : définition et évaluation. Étude des outils de la cohésion et de la cohérence dans les productions écrites de jeunes adultes universitaires” is available here : https://difusion.ulb.ac.be/vufind/Record/ULB-DIPOT:oai:dipot.ulb.ac.be:2013/294576/Holdings

Now, I strengthen my knowledge and skills in natural language processing, and I do dive into the learning from errors theory.

> Thesis Supervisors : Content A. & Damar M-E (& late Mousty P.)

> Comité d’accompagnement : Chetail F. (President)

C.V. : https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierre-andré-patout-81b1b24b

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