Research highlights

BAPS Poster Award for Manon Couvignou!

Congratulations to Manon Couvignou for winning this years BAPS poster awards!

Manon is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Régine Kolinsky in our UNESCOG lab. She presented her work on the relationship between congenital amusia and dyslexia during the online conference of the Belgian Association of Psychological Science: According to her research, there is a considerable overlap between children who experience difficulties learning music and those with great difficulties in reading acquisition.

This research has also been published as a scientific article in Neuropsychologia, accessible here:


Couvignou, M., & Kolinsky, R. (2021). Comorbidity and cognitive overlap between developmental dyslexia and congenital amusia in children. Neuropsychologia, 155, 107811.


Manon’s PhD is funded by the Belgian Kids’ Fund for Pediatric Research, and was supported by the UNI Neuroscience Institute. This research project was further supported by the David and Alice Van Buuren Fund and the Jaumotte-Demoulin Foundation.

BAPS Poster Award for Manon Couvignou!